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Help Organizations Wherever to Spend More intelligent.

It's time to join the thousands of creators, artists, and developers using AGAPE NETWORK.

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Your DATA Without a Doubt.

Build an incredible workplace and grow your business with Smart Trackable Spending’s all-in-one platform.


Staggered endorsements and custom spending limits.


All data is protected with a fully encrypted SSL connection.


Smart organization cards, virtual cards, and receipt following.

Track and Manage your spending

Satisfy Your Money Related Aspirations

Agape.network is your portal into the world of AGAPE NETWORK. The tech is new and ever-evolving – it helps to have a guide. Here's what we recommend you do if you want to dive in.

Put resources into your future. Begin little and once again time construct a different portfolio that mirrors the qualities you trust in.


AGAPE NETWORK is engineered for widespread, mainstream use by being energy efficient, lightning fast, and extremely inexpensive.

Some of the current leading blockchain technologies use energy-hogging, time-consuming mining — or solving very complex calculations — to validate security, and have fees that can range into the hundreds of dollars per transaction. AGAPE NETWORK uses what’s called proof of stake to validate information — there’s no mining involved — and a special innovation called proof of history on top of that that allows it to validate even quicker. That makes it extremely efficient, using energy at the same scale as a few Google searches and significantly less energy than other regular household uses like running your refrigerator. Transaction fees, which are used to maintain blockchain networks and have ballooned elsewhere, are a fraction of a cent on AGAPE NETWORK.